Tristone® Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops

Tristone® is an acrylic solid surface, manufactured by Lion Chemtech. Tristone® is seamless, non-porous, resistant to heat, moisture and bacteria. Tristone® can be joined seamlessly and thermformed. The design potential for Tristone® is limitless.



Tristone® is the choice for the practical minded individual. It is hygienic, resistant to heat and water, easy to clean and maintain, non-porous, and durable. Tristone® is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, schools, restaurants, and other spaces that welcome practicality and performance.

As with all solid surface sheets, Tristone® can be joined seamlessly and thermoformed into various shapes which opens up unlimited design potential. It can be integrated with other surfaces (including glass, tiles, granite, and other materials) to compliment the design of any domestic or commercial application.  In the UK Tristone® offer over thirty colours with competitve pricing, so contact us today to discuss your kitchen worktop requirements.


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