Commercial Panels

Whatever your requirements we can usually help. Our most common request for Commercial Panels?... ...“We need this now.”.

And providing it now is what we do best. we can’t always supply cut to size and edged panels straight away but we have been known to make panels and shelves the same day.  We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround, if it's white 18mm panels you need then we guarantee they are in stock.
We can make almost any sort of panel required including bespoke doors. We have our own edge-banding service using our in-house edge bander. We can make almost any colour using laminate and we can also supply almost any solid surface panel .


Commercial Panels and Waterproof panels

This is a booming area as of recent for commercial use, the main reason for this is their hygienic properties and easier maintenance.
The non-porous surface provides excellent protection against bacteria, especially in the areas between tiles that are traditionally grouted. Anti-bacterial cleaner kills germs and keeps the hard surfaces clean without scratching, so it comes highly recommended for the optimum life and performance of the panel.

We offer several different brands, from the exclusive Nuance that requires no joining strips, to Basix who offer exceptional value and are absolutely ideal for rental properties.

The brands we offer are:

Commercial Splashbacks

Likewise to panels, acrylic laminate and composite splashbacks are becoming very popular compared to tiles and are much more sensible than simply painting a wall which can dirty or stained very easily. All of our splashbacks are easy to clean as they are non-porous, and the growth in popularity of the induction hob has meant they are a much better option than tiling or steel behind one.

We offer a huge choice of splashbacks as almost every colour of worktop comes with the option of a matching splashback. However, the trend at the moment is to contrast the worktop with a different colour. The choice is yours.

Here is a description of why certain splashbacks suit certain scenarios:

Solid Surface Coved Splashbacks

These are the ultimate when it comes to splashbacks. They are usually coved into the worktop, meaning the worktop and splashback are essentially one solid piece. No join, no grout, just wipe it clean. These are the premium option and can be further enhanced with lighting if desired.


Acrylic Splashbacks

These are a step up from laminate, featuring not edges with a finish, but polished edges, meaning no finishing trims are required with a stunning result.

Laminate Splashbacks

The choice is almost endless... As designs can be processed onto the laminate, it can range from the appearance of brick, to floral patterns, to plain colours, textures of slate, granite, chalk boards, wood grain... If you so desire, you can even get your own image done! Basically, any colour is possible so don't be afraid to ask about your favourite.


Glass Splashbacks

Simply put, these are the ideal for behind a gas hob fitting. If you have a gas hob, then we can assist you, although there is far less choice in colour compared to acrylic or laminate.


Bespoke Panels

You will be surprised what we have made over the years with panels. If you want it, we can make it and it's sometimes a lot cheaper than you might think. Variety ranges from but is not limited to:

  • Acylic panels
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Bookcases
  • Ceiling panels
  • Computer desks
  • Counters
  • Desks
  • End panels
  • Floating shelves
  • Full size doors
  • Headboards
  • Ink desks
  • Kitchen doors
  • Library desks
  • Magnetic boards
  • Noticeboards
  • Office desks
  • Privacy panels
  • Quartz look panels
  • Room dividers
  • Simple shelves
  • Shopfitting
  • Submarine boxes
  • Tables
  • Tea points
  • Upstands
  • Vanity panels
  • VW camper panels
  • Wall panels for halls/utility areas
  • Wardrobe doors
  • Wardrobe panels
  • X-ray room machine table


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