CNC Cutting & Thermoforming

CNC Machine

We have a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router. This is a computer-controlled cutting machine we use to cut laminate and solid surface panels in our workshop. It has improved not only the quality, but the speed and efficiency of our jobs. letting us do more in a day while allowing us to cut even more complex shapes for custom jobs.

For example in a commercial use setting, we can use the CNC machine to cut precise logos onto Corian solid surface panels. This can entirely be provided for a domestic purpose too however, if you have any specific requests about something included on the worktop, we can provide it.

Examples of other products that benefit from the use of a CNC router include doors through designs, frames and carvings, wooden panels in general, sign boards and plaques, interior/exterior decorations, furniture. As you can see, it's a powerful tool.

Below is an image of what our CNC looks like in action,

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Thermoforming Oven

This is our newest machine currently that we've been itching to use. This allows us to heat and bend solid surface materials at will into different shapes, allowing for complex curves and more intense design. The CNC router also helps to trim any undesirable leftover edges after this process. Thermoforming is used in so many different products you use in your day to day life, primarily in plastics.

Below is a great and simple to understand example on how the thermoforming process is carried out:

1. The material gets heated. 2. the desired shape is formed in the softened heated material using a shape mold. 3. the cooled shapes are trimmed to finish.

By LaurensvanLieshout - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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