Solid Surfaces Kitchen Worktops from WT Laminates 

In 2007, we started fabricating solid surfaces in a small room approximately only 4m x 3m. Today, we have an entire unit over 3,000ft squared totally dedicated to solid surfaces. We are approved fabricators of the following brands: 

Corian Composite Worktops Hanex Acrylic Solid Surfaces - kitchen worktops, bathrooms Staron Solid Surfaces LG Himacs Solid Surfaces 

solid surface corian built in drainer grooves sink bespokesolid surface worktops corian built in windowsills upstandsbuilt in hob fan island bevelled edges hob bars bespoke

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Commercial Customers

Please contact the office on 01633 251908 to discuss our trade offering. We can template, fabricate and install most solid surface requirements including worktops for coved upstands, moulded sinks, seamless joints, thermoformed curves, lighting, sockets, hob, wireless phone chargers etc. 

Domestic Customers

We strongly recommend you visit our showroom before you order. If possible, bring some sizes with you (they don’t have to be too accurate) and we will then explain in more detail to you what we can offer. We will show you a video detailing the good and bad about solid surfaces. We prefer to do this before you chose your colour because we feel it’s important you understand that certain designs/projects are not suitable for certain colours. Eg. Solid surfaces are similar to cars, the darker the colour you choose the more you see the scratches. Corian have made two colours that are recommended for kitchens, these are fine but a lot of other colours require more maintenance.

Below are some examples of the advantages of Corian. The sinks, edges, grooves and joins are seamless. The product will also not stain as it is non porous. If it’s scratched, it can be easily repaired.



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