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Bushboard are one of the leading manufactures for worktops and panels in the UK, and for good reason. With their branches of Options, Omega, Vista, Alloy, Nuance and Zenith, they have a powerful hold on all fronts with a certain quality in each that we are proud to be able to cut and supply to your requirements. Every laminate and compact surface in the BB range has built-in antibacterial protection through a bacteria-destroying resin that is included within the surface composition itself rather than a simple coating, making it a highly hygienic choice for your kitchen that's not only easy to clean and low maintenance, but built to last.

Installation has a shared ease between each product line thanks to Bushboard's own bespoke adhesive and sealant, "Complete", a flexible and strong adhesive immune to shrinking and breaking down like silicone that comes in a multitude of colours shared between each range for that perfect colour match. It's suitable for worktops and panels alike, with a neutral colour option for the areas you won't see to save on cost.

Below are various examples of their products;


The Options range is affordably stylish, with classic contemporary designs given a much-needed update in performance for the modern kitchen. With a lifetime product guarantee, you're sure to get the look you love within the budget you need for any project.

Created in hardwearing laminate with antibacterial protection as standard, Options surfaces stand up to your everyday home life and look good doing it; surfaces ranging from realistic natural materials like stone or wood alongside other lifelike textures and abstract designs - all with tightly postformed edges.

The 50 beautiful worktop designs to choose from each come in 2 different lengths with a variety of widths. Every design is available on a 38mm thickness, with select designs also available on a 28mm thickness for projects where a slimmer profile is the priority. A matching splashback and upstand is also available to help complete the look for every design.

Options worktops come in a 38mm thickness with a separate 28mm option, with the standard lengths and widths between both settling at 3000x600/900mm and 4100x600/900mm. Splashbacks come in 3000x600x8mm, and upstands come in 3000x100x20mm.

When it comes to adding style and character into a kitchen project, you well and truly have options. As is standard with all of the products on this page, we recommend you come on down to our showroom where we can provide the best possible sample of the real thing, as photos can only do so much to show how the material will truly look in your home. If you require a brief online viewing until then, use this official brochure to see various examples of the available décors.

options, ultra matt, stableford oak block



The Omega range is a laminate worktop range all about design freedom and the versatility any kitchen can be compatible with, with a lifetime product guarantee to ensure that. Whatever your vision in beautiful high performance surfaces, there's always something Omega can provide.

With the antibacterial protection as standard with all BB products, Omega is designed to perform at a premium level for a hardwearing lifetime, featuring 50 trendy and specially produced decors ranging from lifelike stones, woods and marble effects in multiple sizes with true square edge, slimline or postformed edges available, for a premium finish you’ll love.

Every surface in the Omega range is created with a 38mm or 22mm silhouette, and is available in lengths of 3000x600/900mm or 4100x600/900mm, with matching splashbacks (3000x600x8mm) and upstand (3000x100x20mm) choices. The 22mm square edge range also has the fantastic bonus feature of a water-resistant core, meaning even the bathroom could be the right place for a new top.

Omega could very well be the answer your kitchen has been looking for. Use this official brochure to view the available décors.

Bushboard, Omega, Vanilla Quartz, Worktopbushboard, omega, ultramatt, ebony stripwood, kitchen worktop



We've mentioned matching splashbacks quite a lot on this page, but what about standalone designs? Say hello to Vista - and in the meantime, goodbye to grout. The Vista range is Bushboard's splashback alternative to tiles that kitchens have been overdue for, with a huge choice of tile patterns and statement prints, easy prep and application, Vista splashbacks make kitchen makeovers easier than ever, and are designed to coexist perfectly with any Bushboard worktops.

Vista splashbacks are hygienic with little on-going maintenance in the same way that Bushboard's worksurfaces are, and compared to the matching splashbacks from Options or Omega, they're a cost effective option with the same hardwearing properties. Be it behind a sink or a hob (excluding gas) - or just decoration, they're an ideal choice.

Available in MDF at 3050x600x9mm with 14 designs, or the sleek 3050x600x4mm acrylic with 6 more. With only their substrates and thicknesses separating them, that's 20 total décors ranging from familiar tiles, geometrics, bold prints and stylish designs both vintage and modern, giving you plenty of choice to decide from with room to update in the future. We'd love to show you them!

Use this offical brochure for some inspiration.

bushboard, vista, splash backbushboard, vista, splash backstar grey, vista, splash back



So what about a splashback you CAN put behind a gas hob? Alloy is the tile-free answer, a patterned aluminium splashback that doesn't compromise safety while retaining variety in its design, rated fire-safe and resistant to steam and heat. Not only non-flammable - Alloy doubles up on protection by being completely waterproof, making it an ideal choice to fill the entire wall space behind your worktops.

Alloy features 12 versatile designs, with designs spanning between traditional tiling patterns, geometric art or natural surfaces, there's something for every aesthetic. Not to mention, their aluminium base gives them a hardwearing scratch resistant face, meaning the integrity of your splashback's design will remain for as long as you care for it. The aluminium also doesn't make it any harder to work with, installation is instead a breeze as it can be cut to size with basic tools and still requires no form of grout.

Available in four sizes to suit your needs, standard hob splashbacks come at 800x600mm with a width of 900mm open for wider hobs. For those looking to cover more, the mid rise splashback (3050x600mm) or the high rise splashback (3050x750mm) are ideal behind worktops that feature all utilities. Need to turn a corner or close off one end? A Butt Joint will do, but for a uniform approach, try the aluminium external and internal corner pieces along with edge trims for that extra support.

Refer to this official brochure for a preview.


100% waterproof, grout-free and easy to install tongue-and-groove panels that require no wet trades or trims. When it comes to full wall shower panels, it's no surprise that Nuance is an award-winning product that transforms a bathroom with ease using the most realistic designs possible.

Nuance is spread across 4 different ranges:

  1. Nuance, the classic nature-inspired collection spanning over 24 different designs each with their own fantastically textured finishes appropriate to the décor displayed.
  2. Nuance Designer, a collection of 10 luxury décors with a soft matt finish designed specifically for seamless tiling when fixed together around the room.   
  3. Nuance Acrylic, 6 stand-out designs on high gloss reflective acrylic panels for a modern stylish approach.
  4. Nuance Vanity, which aren't actually panels, but instead 20 water-resistant 28mm worksurfaces for the bathroom made with panels from the Nuance collection in mind.

Nuance's classic panels are made from high pressure laminate bonded to a 100% waterproof core and are split into categories based on décor; obvious ones like woods, stones and marbles hold true to their name, but the luxe category features more abstract metallic designs for those that like a bit of sparkle to their surfaces. You're not just locked to tongue & groove panels as well, as there exists a brilliantly versatile panel with post-formed edges that can be used normally for a trimless effect, or you can easily convert it into an effective half-height length for your wall by flipping it 90°. Sizes are standard as such:

2420x1200x11mm Postformed2420x1200x11mm Tongue & Groove2420x600x11mm - Tongue & Groove2420x580x11mm - Feature Panel2420x160x11mm - Finishing Panel

Nuance Designer panels are a clear example of the benefit from post-formed edges removing the need for unsightly trims. They're the choice for a full-scale bathroom renovation, the designs remaining consistent no matter how many corners you choose to turn, be them external or internal. With convincing tile effects, continuous marble veins and stretches of wooden grains, there's no better decision for making a statement in the bathroom. Sizes differ and are as follows:

2420x1200x11mm Postformed2420x1200x11mm Tongue & Groove2420x600x11mm Tongue & Groove 

Nuance Acrylic has a glass-like gloss to it that shines in the light, and its acrylic body makes them a naturally hygienic breeze to clean. With just a variety of abstract geometrics and detailed marbles, it's a simple range that still has flexibility dependant on direction and an inherent ease of use - cut if required, stick them on and you're good to go, especially with its one set size:

2440x1220x4mm Acrylic Panel

Nuance Vanity is the range that stands out from the rest, suitable for use with basins of all types, these worksurfaces complete the look of your bathroom and match perfectly with your panel of choice with the same décors and textures you've come to expect. Nuance Vanity is as hygienic and easy to clean as their respective panel matches, meaning they're built to resist the elements too. They come in two sizes:


As always, swatches and brochures are available on request when you come visit us, but for a look at what's available until then view this official brochure.



Zenith is Bushboard's own compact laminate range, designed to look, feel and perform like stone, marble and quartz - but not only that, to outclass them in practicality as well. Each surface is 100% waterproof and non-porous, something non-hygienic natural stone tops can't compare to, and each features a realistic texture on top with a solid colour core within that gives it that weighted hardwearing strength. This makes them not only easy to clean and food-safe, but ideal for compatibility with undermounted sinks, integrated drainer grooves and more. 

Zenith surfaces feature a slim, solid 12.5mm thick core that spreads across 20 different designs, mimicking the real feel of marbles and stones while still allowing room for more inspired faces like sparkle effects and industrial concretes. Every design can be used as a worktop, breakfast bar, upstand or splashback and can be cut into any shape or refinished with minimal difficulty. This is a versatility that makes Zenith easy to fit at home with standard tools in contrast to stone or quartz, and perfect for bespoke work.

Manufactured in modular sizes with room for change, Zenith comes as follows:

• 3050x610x12.5mm Worksurface • 3050x650x12.5mm Worksurface • 3050x900x12.5mm Breakfast Bar • 3050x950x12.5mm Breakfast Bar • 3050x100x12.5mm Upstand • 3000x600x9mm Splashback

Interested in learning the décors before visiting us? View this official brochure.


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