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We understand that all households deserve distinct worktops for use in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and more - and the materials they're made from stand even higher on our priorities. We pride ourselves on being able to cut, supply, and install almost any surface material that you require in your home, no matter the inquiry. Below are a few examples of the product selection that we have accumulated over the years, followed by the options we have on hand.

We encourage you to look through and find the most fitting choice that works the best for you.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops remain the most popular kind of worktop in the UK due to their effective and varied utility across a plethora of available dimensions, and at cost effective prices. While they typically aren't waterproof like competing materials, the ease of maintenance and demand for a robust performance in laminate worktops has only evolved over the years, with most leading brands being not only a water resistant, but hygienic option as a result due to improvements in the laminating and sealing processeses, with select brands cracking down on antibacterial protection. If you want a hardwearing worktop that will last for as long as you care for it, laminate has never been a better choice.

laminate square edge

Sizes of laminate worktops can vary to suit all needs, with thicknesses between 22mm and 40mm being standard allowing for thick or thin profiles, along with depths of 600mm to 900mm allowing choice for breakfast bars or islands. As for length, tops will come in to us as low as 2050mm, with a typical max of 4100mm - this is all before your specifications come in.

We offer 3 services: supplying, cutting to size, and fitting (if supplied by us). 

We can also fabricate our own worktops larger than standard sizes, so no matter what your inquiry may be, we implore you to ask! If we can source the laminate, we can make it. If you need your worktops cut to 616mm to suit Howdens or Ikea kitchens, then we can do this also - we won't even charge extra to do it.

List of laminate worktop brands we display in our showroom are as follows:

  • Axiom
  • Prima
  • Formica
  • Options
  • Omega
  • Nuance (bathroom worktops)
  • Spectra (Curved Edge + Square Edge)
  • Duropal
  • Oasis
  • Tandem
  • Lamura


It doesn't matter if you're looking for wood grains, natural textures, plain colours, patterned designs, glossy shines, smooth tops, etched tops, riven or rough... the list goes on, and chances are, we have it!

laminate bar oversized bespoke

Solid Surface Worktops

Despite laminates being our namesake, the production of solid surface worktops are truly our specialty. We are approved Corian fabricators under the Dupont Quality Network, and we were the first company in Wales to achieve this status. We fabricate Corian among countless other solid surface brands at our workshop, and have invested heavily in machinery compatible for advanced bespoke work through laser templating and CNC machinery In 2020, we purchased a specialised oven that allows us to take advantage of thermoforming.

Solid surfaces are an acrylic composite that competes with naturally occurring materials such as granite, marble, and quartz, and is able to mimic the appearance and hardwearing strength of each of these products while out-performing them. They are highly versatile and resilient. Unlike natural stones, solid surface is non-porous, the ability to block out dirt and water from penetrating the surface making it naturally hygienic as a result. Outside of being impermeable, solid surfaces are also highly flexible to work with, as it can be cut into unique shapes while retaining all of its consistency unlike no other material, all while being handled with standard tools. A heat tolerance that allows it to be thermoformed and bent allows for even further choice with striking curves. An unforgettable appeal of solid surfaces is also the possibility of inconspicuous, near-seamless joints around corners, rising and descending ledges, and large islands. With a solid homogenous core that stays the same from one end to the other, even damage can be sanded out to look good as new.

Because solid surfaces are provided in large sheet sizes, most of our solid surface worktops are made from 12mm thick material, but can be built up to be as thick as desired using the entirety of the sheet - the choice in profile and overall size is yours. These sheets usually go up to 3600mm per, but can vary.

We can offer 2 services with these: cutting to size, or supplying and fitting. We cannot simply supply a sheet on its own, as select materials require an approved fabricator such as ourselves to work with them.

Solid surface brands we offer and display are as follows:

  • Corian
  • Tristone
  • Hanex
  • Staron
  • Durasein
  • Mirostone
  • LG Hi-macs
  • Meganite


Solid surfaces have a vast range of décors - and the pigments of an acrylic composite allow for just about any colour, with complex and decorative textures that are unmatched alongside realistic mimics of competing materials.

island bespoke built in hob fan bars

Compact Laminates 

Compact laminate surfaces lay neatly between laminate and solid surface, existing as the perfect in-between. Like regular laminate, it consists of recycled paper fibres and resin, but it is then continuously stacked with additional laminate sheets and compressed under high pressure conditions then heated, causing the materials to join together permanently into one extremely durable and dense piece. 

While compact laminates are not identical to solid surfaces, they share similarities that allow them to appear and perform like natural stone and stone-like materials in a more effective way. Because of their laminate origins, they can feature a versatile design range and a slew of colours with a great textured feel, and the surface is a lot more low maintenance due to having a naturally hygienic non-porous surface. They feature a powerful impact resistance that keeps them hardwearing, and a decent resistance to heat and certain chemicals too (within brief exposure). They are easy to clean and ideal for use in wet areas (you'll often find them as the base of most public bathroom surfaces), and alike solid surfaces can be compatible with undermounted sinks and integrated drainer grooves. They can be cut and shaped with woodworking tools, but not thermoformed.

Compact laminates usually come in between 12mm and 18mm in modular 3050mm sheet sizes, and typically feature square edged solid colour cores visible on all edges that we recommend shaping with a router for a smoother finish

We can offer 3 services for these: supplying, cutting to size, and fitting.

Compact laminate brands we can supply and display are as follows:

  • Polyrey
  • Bushboard Zenith
  • Spectra Slim Edge
  • Paperstone
  • Fenix


As such, compact laminates are the perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds in utility for their worktops, a unique blend of design and function.

Solid Wood Worktops

We deal with almost any solid wood you can think of for worktops, offering standard, deluxe and full stave options that can come oiled or otherwise. Solid wood is a stunning material that will always beat its imitators when it comes to looks and feel, everyone knows what wood is, but we cannot stress enough that compared to the other worktops on this page, it is a very high maintenance material in contrast to water resistant laminates or fully non-porous solid surfaces as it is a natural, living material where bacteria can thrive.

The details of which woods we can get is best viewed on its own page, but know that we can order in any wood at worktop lengths starting from 2000mm and ending at 4000mm, with a 3000mm option available with depths of 635mm, 690mm, and 960mm in thicknesses like 22mm, 27mm 38mm and 40mm across varying options.

We can offer 3 services: supplying, cutting to size, and fitting.

All solid wood will arrive from the De Terra brand which is on display in our showroom.

Contact us today, or get in touch on our website to discuss our range of domestic kitchen worktops.

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