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Paperstone® is an inherently sustainable paper-based composite surface material made from recycled paper and natural resin, aptly named due to its stone-like hardness and effectively durable thickness.

It's a newer choice on the market, and one with good promise as it shares the same properties as most established manufacturers on the scene currently with less of the waste; with a non-porous easy to clean surface it's a no brainer for hygiene maintenance domestically like in the kitchen, but also a fantastic effective option for commerical uses too like in schools where bacteria and general mess runs wild.

Here's the rundown on the qualities that keep PaperStone®'s promise of a greener alternative:

  • Sustainability - FSC-certified recycled paper and cardboard combined with natural petroleum-free phenolic resin and natural pigments, it's a totally VOC-free option.
  • Hygienic - NSF-certified for contact with food and simple to clean with no risk of mould, mildew, or bacteria due to its non-porous surface.
  • Toughness - Stone-like impact resistance and impervious to delamination. Heat resistant up to 180° and UV resistant too.
  • Tactile & Attractive - Available in natural rich colours with a subtly variegated textured on each that's warm to the touch in its intended setting.
  • Versatility - Can be worked with and treated just like wood, so it's suitable for just as many interior applications at a cost-effective rate.


Available Colours

There are 11 colours across two series, the Solid Colour Series and the Designer Series.

Solid Colour contains 5 of these colours, and is described on their website as deep, rich and organic colours that reflect nature, with the colours "evolving" over time with their environment, mellowing or becoming warmer in appearance. Each colour features a solid, homogeneous appearance through the whole thickness, meaning the colour is visible through the depth of the sheet. The colours appear as so:

Paperstone Solid Colour Series









Reflecting nature still but with more geological earth tones, the Designer Series features 6 colours that are much lighter than the previous. They have perfect homogeneity in the surface of the panel, and each one (except Honey and Charcoal) has tone-on-tone striated edges, a unique feature allowing for visually interesting edge design detailing. These colours are as follows:

So what can be made with PaperStone®?

Really, worktops are only the beginning for working with PaperStone®, there's a lot more uses than you might think. Here are just a few select examples of what you could expect:

  • Bars and table tops
  • Reception desks
  • Kitchen worksurfaces and cabinet doors
  • Food preparation areas
  • Washrooms
  • Furniture
  • Space division and de-mountable partitions
  • Vertical decorative wall panelling
  • Interior signage



If these applications of PaperStone® interest you, then we encourage you to get in contact with our sales team today.

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