EGGER are one of the world's leading laminate sheet and board manufacturers. Their products can be found in various areas of public/private life; kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, you name it and EGGER has probably seen it.

EGGER delivers a promise - "More From Wood". And this promise holds true, as not only do they supply laminate products for interior design and furniture, but building products for further construction too. We are proud to supply and cut almost all of their UK products to your specifications upon request. 

Worktop Collection

Sophisticated simplicity in 16mm, 25mm and 38mm. The EGGER Worktops Collection is advertised as a versatile range of high quality and durable worktops, upstands and splashbacks as a low maintenance, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the more extensive but worthwhile solid surfaces.

From various natural textures like inviting woods to modern stones. They're near indistinguishable from the real things, but with all the hardwearing and easy benefits that laminate brings - there's a finish to suit every interior space imaginable. And when we say low maintenance, it's for good reason. With a stain/heat resistant top that's both durable and impact resistant, keeping it in check should be no issue. Did we mention a 10 year guarantee (when EGGERSeal and a fitting guide are included) also?

All 16mm decors are available in the 38mm postformed range, and all 16mm worktops feature the decor on both sides. You can be quite creative as a result, the below image with a marble finish being a great example.

Egger Worktop range



Egger Boards

For standard boards, we offer lots of choices from your typical woodgrain to plain flat colours. As for the specifics:

  • Egger MFC Melamine Faced Chipboard with Edging in iron on or ABS in 1mm or 2mm
  • Egger MDF Boards with Edging in iron on or ABS in 1mm or 2mm


Egger Laminates

As has been made clear, laminates are both a versatile and hardwearing product that's attractive for designers looking to cover a mid-to-high traffic surface. They can be bonded to chipboard, MDF, plywood and other coreboards. So it's no surprise that the EGGER Decorative Collection features specialty laminates for different environments, including standard, postformable and fire-resistant laminates.

Standard laminates available include:

  • Colour core / Colorcore / Coloured Core
  • Oversized sheets
  • Door size laminates



Flammex laminates are EGGER's fire-resistant range, they are classified as type F (flame-retardant) in accordance with standard EN 438. They are suitable as a decorative and low flammability coating material in combination with flame-retardant coreboards. The advantages of the product are clear:

  • Inherently flame-retardant.
  • Low smoke emissions.
  • No flaming droplets.
  • Abrasion, impact and scratch resistant.


Combinations with corresponding composite elements enable applications with increased requirements for fire resistance. A few select choices:

  • Areas with increased fire resistance requirements (around fire exits and things vulnerable to heat).
  • Partition walls in office spaces.
  • Interior doors where multiple people will travel through regularly, double doors.


In Conclusion

Many of EGGER's impressive products can be seen in person at our showroom, so we encourage you to come on down and have a look, there's nothing better than being provided a sample when it comes to visualising your new kitchen.

Until then however, maybe you'd like to have a taste of what you can expect, or to have something you can use as a reference when you visit us. Look no further than clicking our link to EGGER's online worktop visualiser below, you'll be able to mix and match different colours on each piece to find your preference.


EGGER's Worktop Visualiser


If you have any further questions, or if you'd like to know where we are situated, visit our contact page to get in touch with our sales team.

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